Services Overview

We provide a wide range of different services including architectural and non-architectural services. Our services and materials are of the premium quality and that is why our company has perfect reputation in the sphere of architecture. We bring design excellence and creativity for you.

Featured Services

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Transportation Planning

SIMCO provides quality transportation planning services on many high visibility transportation projects in the metropolitan area. SIMCO provide the full range of planning services from field studies through analyses and modeling. SIMCO’s deliverables include stand-alone technical reports and/or input into environmental review documents.

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Traffic Engineering

SIMCO’s traffic engineering expertise includes, highway safety investigations, traffic signal design, pavement markings and signing. SIMCO has extensive experience in maintenance and protection of traffic/work zone traffic control design and peer review for public agencies and contractors.

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Bridge Inspection

SIMCO provides certified Team Leaders (Professional Engineers) and Assistant Team Leaders for the biennial inspection of bridges in New York State. We have inspected concrete, steel and hybrid structures ranging from culverts and small single span structures carrying low traffic volumes to major Interstate highway structures in densely populated urban areas.

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Construction Management

SIMCO provides construction professionals to monitor, observe, inspect and document infrastructure projects throughout the New York metropolitan area. Our seasoned construction inspection staff is particularly focused on the safety of the public while facilitating delivery of the construction project on time and within budget.